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Geodesy Coordination

We have compiled information regarding existing campaign GPS resources in CA at institutions that have GPS equipment and are likely to take part in response.

Using available information (regarding magnitude, rupture length, surface offsets, etc.) following the earthquake we will prioritize sites to be re-observed.

We will use this priority list combined with the geographic location of potential field volunteers to coordinate field response.

We will coordinate with UNAVCO to obtain additional instrumentation as necessary.

We will coordinate with USGS geodetic response activities.

We will use GPS data as available and forward models to refine our observation strategy to the extent possible.

Data collected by the SCEC community in an event response situation is expected to be made available to the SCEC community as soon as possible.

We will focus on immediate response. Investigators interested in longer-term post-seismic monitoring will be responsible for collecting those data, although SCEC may help in funding and coordination as needed.

SCEC will facilitate InSAR work by compiling information about pre-earthquake scenes available.

UNAVCO will coordinate geodesy activities through a discussion forum. Requests for GPS, TLS, LiDAR and InSAR hardware and data may be made there or by contacting Freddy Blume.