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Gomberg Joan United States Geological Survey , gomberg
Rubin Ron California Geological Survey , ronrubin
Hu Yan University of California, Berkeley , yanhu
Shelly David United States Geological Survey , dshelly
Brossy Cooper Fugro Consultants Inc , cbrossy
Anderson John University of Nevada, Reno , jga
Werner Maximilian Bristol University , werner
Buga Mike Fugro Consultants, Inc. , mikebuga
Madden Betsy University of Massachusetts , bmadden
Mareschal Maxime California Geological Survey , mmareschal
Noriega Gabriela Southern California Earthquake Center , gnoriega
Thomas Valerie USGS , vthomas
Walker Robert USC , rlwalker
Wang Yongfei SCEC Alhambra, California yongfei
Akciz Sinan Altadena, California sakciz
Cooke Michele University of Massachusetts Amherst, Massachusetts cooke
Detrick Bob National Science Foundation Arlington, Virginia rdetrick
Johnson Leonard Arlington, Virginia lejohnso
Killeen Tim National Science Foundation Arlington, Virginia tkilleen
Lambert Dave National Science Foundation Arlington, Virginia dlambert