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Last namesort icon First name Organization Current location View profile
Rubin Ron California Geological Survey , ronrubin
Scharer Kate USGS Pasadena Pasadena, California scharer
Schiffman Celia UNAVCO Boulder, Colorado celias
Segall Paul Stanford University Palo Alto, California segall
Seitz Gordon San Diego State University San Diego, California seitz
Sevilgen Volkan USGS Menlo Park Menlo Park, California vsevilgen
Shaw John Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts jshaw
Shearer Peter University of California, San Diego San Diego, California pshearer
Shedlock Kaye National Science Foundation Arlington, Virginia kshedloc
Shelly David United States Geological Survey , dshelly
Siem Martin Construction Testing & Engineering Escondido, California siem
Simpson David IRIS Washington , District Of Columbia simpson
Sloan Valerie UNAVCO Boulder, Colorado sloan
Small Patrick SCEC Los Angeles, California patrices
Steidl Jamie UC Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, California steidl
Stenner Heidi ERTIC, LLC Hayward, California hstenner
Stough Timothy NASA JPL Pasadena, California stough
Taborda Ricardo Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rtaborda
Thomas Valerie USGS , vthomas
Tobin Harold University of Wisconsin, Madison Madison, Wisconsin htobin