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Government Emergency Telecommunication Services (GETS)

What is GETS?

GETS is a National Communications System (NCS) program that prioritizes calls over wireline networks. Users receive an access card (GETS card), which has both the universal GETS access number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

To get priority access over cellular communications networks, you need to use the Wireless Priority Service (WPS) program. GETS and WPS can be used in combination.

The GETS program is in effect all the time--it is not contingent on a major disaster or attack taking place.

Who Should Enroll?

You should enroll if your organization is a Federal, state, local, and tribal police department, fire department, public safety answering point or 9-1-1 call center, EMS entity, essential healthcare provider or any other organization that uses telecommunication services necessary for the public health, safety, and maintenance of law and order.

For more information, see GETS website.