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2011.10.21 - Day-Afer-ShakeOut Table-Top Exercise

Join the 2011 Day-After-ShakeOut for a "table-top exercise" (TTX) to improve scientific coordination for earthquake response. The goal of the TTX is to increase the chance of obtaining crucial data to help resolve important questions in earthquake science. We plan to review how field scientific reconnaissance information will flow, the "essential elements of information" required by emergency management, and how that information will be distilled and passed along as appropriate through our system. The idea is that our scientific coordination TTX will be complementary to the emergency preparedness and other public outreach activities, planned and exercised by others on ShakeOut day this year. Join in discussions on this page.

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Discussions will initiate on this page at 9:30 am on Friday, October 21, 2011.

To join coordination activities or to post information, simply respond to a comment thread or add a new comment. You can upload files as attachments to comments. Join a current discussion thread by replying to a comment.

Scheduled Activities

09:00Satellite Phone Testing Period

09:30 | Begin Scientific Coordination Table-Top Exercise

  • Dial 703-648-4848 (code 48421#) - use for duration of TTX

09:40 | Review of the Thurs., 20 October USGS Menlo Park TTX - Nancy King and Keith Knudsen, USGS

09:50 | Fundamental Incident Command concepts; e.g., EEI's, the Situation Unit and Planning Section

  • Presenters: Kate Long, Doug Huls and Sonia Brown (CalEMA)

10:00 | Review of So. Calif.'s newly enacted FEMA Catastrophic Earthquake Plan 'hub & spoke' concept

  • Presenter: Jon Bartlett (FEMA Region IX) - by phone
  • You can download pptx

10:30 | Review of California Post-Earthquake Clearinghouse concept of operations & new GIS system

  • Presenter: Anne Rosinski (CGS, CA Clearinghouse) - by phone
  • You can download ppt

11:00 | "Surprise" Event Scenario introduced

11:05 | Review field work priorities by topical area

11:15 | a. Geology - initial aerial reconnaissance and priorities for ground reconnaissance

11:45 | b. Seismology - finite-fault source modeling, network repairs and aftershock deployments

12:15 | c. Geodesy - finite-fault source modeling, network repairs and post-seismic deployments

12:45 | d. Imagery - tasking, AOI definition and analysis; output to modelers and field geologists

13:15 | e. Model & Simulations - discussion of priorities and how modeling can aid field work

13:45 | General discussion of priorities and new or emerging issues

14:00 | Outstanding science coordination issues

14:15 | Wrap Up, review any action items

14:30 | End Table-Top Exercise

This message contains 2011 TTX plans (last updated 10/18/2011 at 8:30 p.m. PDT). Please send suggested revisions to Ken Hudnut.