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Seismology Instrumentation

SCEC Portable instruments

  • Contact Jamie Steidl at UCSB
  • 2 Q330s recording systems with real-time telemetry
  • 10 RefTek 72A 6-channel recording systems w/hard drive
  • 15 L4 sensors
  • 5 CMG 40T Broadband Sensors (3 currently newtwork deployed)
  • 2 FBA ES-T Accelerometers (Episensors)
  • 20 FBA-23 Accelerometers

PASSCAL RAMP instruments

  • Contact Jim Fowler and Noel Barstow at IRIS
  • Real time telemetry is not currently part of RAMP equipment
  • Ten 6-channel RefTek 130s
  • Ten L-22 sensors
  • Seven Episensor accelerometers +/- 1G full scale
  • Three TerraTech accelerometers +/- full scale