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2009.10.15-Great California ShakeOut

As part of the 2009 ShakeOut, SCEC is conducting an earthquake response exercise, which will be coordinated with the USGS table-top exercises. The SCEC Earthquake Response Content Management System (ERCMS) will be activated and tested for post-earthquake response planning and coordination. Contact us if there are issues related to the SCEC ERCMS.

At this page, you can join in SCEC earthquake response activities for the 2009 ShakeOut. Greg Beroza and some of the SCEC group leaders are coordinating the science planning and activities, and we use the SCEC ERCMS to coordinate response plans with USGS and other partners.

For general science planning and coordination, join the discussion forums.

Seismology Instrumentation

SCEC Portable instruments

  • Contact Jamie Steidl at UCSB
  • 2 Q330s recording systems with real-time telemetry
  • 10 RefTek 72A 6-channel recording systems w/hard drive
  • 15 L4 sensors
  • 5 CMG 40T Broadband Sensors (3 currently newtwork deployed)
  • 2 FBA ES-T Accelerometers (Episensors)
  • 20 FBA-23 Accelerometers

PASSCAL RAMP instruments

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