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ShakeOut Response Planning - Seismology Group

ShakeOut 2008

  1. A scenario version of the CISN Display has been built and deployed.  It will display for the M7.8 earthquake the following items: ShakeMap, mainshock epicenter, and the aftershock sequence.  This application is available for download from www.cisn.org.  It will also be used by many Golden Guardian exercise participants. 
  2. Arrangements with CISN partners have been made to provide backup reporting.  They will use data from the Mw.71 1999 Hector Mine earthquake to simulate product generation.  UC Berkeley has agreed to provide a moment tensor.  CGS has agreed to provide a ShakeMap, and USGS Menlo Park has agreed to help time aftershocks. 
  3. Upgrade of four seismic stations, funded by the SoSAFE, USGS multihazards project will be in place and operational.  The remaining two station upgrades, and 11 new station installs will be completed in the spring of 2009. 
  4. M. Boese of Caltech has used the ShakeOut seismograms provided by Rob Graves, to make an EEW movie showing how current CISN instrumentation will provide warning in Los Angeles.  We plan to show this movie in the media center at Caltech. 
  5. The SCSN has established a complete data collection link via a cellular modem to a IRIS/PASSCAL instrument deployed in Socorro New Mexico.  This was a necessary, exercise because previously the SCSN had not recorded continuous data from REFTEK instruments.
  6. E. Cochran of UCR, J. Steidl of UCSB, and Y. Li of USC have deployed 2 SCEC/PBIC and 10  IRIS/PASSCAL Ramp instruments along the southern San Andreas fault, 11 near Banning and 1 near Indio.  Seven of these instruments will report data to the SCSN in Pasadena, real-time via cell modems.  We plan to also use the data for SCSN real-time processing and reporting.  The data will also be distributed via the SCEDC -- www.data.scec.org.

Portable Deployment ShakeOut Response

PBIC and IRIS portable stations were deployed for ShakeOut. A single station was deployed along the SoSAF at Indio, and a fault crossing array was deployed at whitewater canyon. 2 PBIC stations and 5 IRIS stations are connected via cell modem back to CISN Caltech/Pasadena and provide real-time data feed to the network.

PBIC and PASSCAL Portable stations deployed for ShakeOut










Fault crossing array at Whitewater Canyon

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