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2008.11.13-Great Southern California ShakeOut


ShakeOut Response Planning & Coordination

ShakeOut Scenario Scripting

November 13, 2008

  • 10:00  The ShakeOut Scenario earthquake rupture begins
  • 10:02  The ShakeOut Scenario earthquake rupture ends
  • 10:03   Initial estimate of ML 6.7 with approximate epicenter in Salton Trough
  • 10:06   First Shakemap (real time stations only) is available
  • 10:07  Regional Me estimate of magnitude 7.4
  • 10:08  Automated aftershock forecast issued from Pasadena
  • 10:14  SCSN reports Mw 7.6 with strike-slip moment tensor
  • 10:30   Improved epicenter location near Bombay Beach
  • 10:33   M 7.0 aftershock ruptures southward from Salton Sea
  • 10:40  STEP website has aftershock ground motion probability map
  • 11:00   Aftershocks indicate approximate rupture extent
  • 11:00  NEIC reports Mw 7.8 with strike-slip moment tensor
  • 11:05   Improved Shakemap with dial-up stations becomes available
  • 11:30   First finite-fault rupture model from NEIC

November 14, 2008

  • 03:17  M 7.2 aftershock on the Sierra Madre Fault
  • 09:02 M 5.6 aftershock near Cucamonga

 Science Participants

  1. Geodesy: Jessica Murray-Moraleda, Rowena Lohman, Yuri Fialko, Duncan Agnew, Bernard Minster, Tom Herring, Brad Hager, Paul Segall, Nancy King
  2. Geology: Mike Oskin, James Dolan, Tom Rockwell, Ray Weldon, Kate Scharer, Doug Yule, Ken Hudnut, Sally McGill, Tom Fumal, Lisa Grant Ludwig, Ramon Arrowsmith, John Shaw, Gordon Seitz
  3. Seismology: Egill Hauksson, Jamie Steidl, Ralph Archuleta, Elizabeth Cochran, Greg Beroza, Peter Shearer, Jim Brune, Dave Jackson, Karen Felzer, Jeff McGuire, Rob Clayton, Paul Davis
  4. Models and Simulations: Kim Olsen, Steve Day, Yifeng Cui, Jacobo Bielak, John Urbanic, Rob Graves

Satellite Phone Exercise

October 30, 2008 (09:00 PDT)