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ShakeOut Response Planning - Geodesy Group

These are the activities we plan to undertake on the day of ShakeOut 2008, generally in chronological order:

Using available information (regarding magnitude, rupture length, surface offsets, etc.) following the earthquake we will generate expected displacements at campaign and continuous GPS sites and refine these predictions as additional information become available. We will make a similar map of observed offsets at continuous GPS sites once these are available from the USGS or another source .

We will use the predicted displacements and southern California campaign GPS site information that we have already gathered to prioritize campaign GPS sites to be re-observed.

Using this priority list combined with information that we have compiled regarding campaign GPS resources available at southern California institutions we will coordinate the SCEC community's campaign GPS response. In these efforts we will coordinate with UNAVCO to obtain additional instrumentation as necessary as well as coordinate with USGS geodetic response activities.

Based on the rupture length and predicted displacements, we will facilitate InSAR work by compiling information about available pre-earthquake scenes covering relevant areas.

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